Finishing Services

Do you need finishing services for your project? We offer a variety of services to help you add the final touches. You can send an email with attachments to or use the form below and we’ll get that started for you shortly!

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Folding: .03¢ per fold & per page
Stapling: .03¢ per set
Cutting: $1.50 per cut (1st 5). 
               .75¢ additional cuts
Hole Punching: .03¢ per page
Collation: .01¢ per page
Scoring: .05¢ per score
Applying Labels/Etc: .10¢ per label
Stapling: .10¢ per
Perfing: .10¢ per perforation

  • Current hours
    Tuesday - Friday: 12pm - 5 pm
    Saturday: 10am - 2pm
    Sunday & Monday: CLOSED
    **Notary Available ANYTIME we're open!**
  • 303.258.0806
  • 303.258.0806
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